Allergy Shots


To ensure safe administration of prescribed allergy serums, allergy injection participants are responsible for providing Student Health Services (SHS) with the following information:

  • Information on physician's letterhead
  • Full legal name and date of birth of patient
  • Contents of vials
  • Concentration of allergy serum
  • Expiration date on vial
  • Vials which are numbered or coded and correspond to instructions
  • Schedule indicating amount and frequency
  • Instructions for missed or late injections / local reactions
  • History of any significant local or systemic reactions
  • Waiting time length, minimum of 30 minutes
  • Note: Please ask your prescribing allergist for an epi-pen (or equivalent) prescription as each CofC student-patient is required to have an unexpired epi-pen (or similar) at each allergy appointment visit. It is the patient’s responsibility to fill the prescription prior to their first allergy appointment at Student Health Services.


A patient’s first allergy shot MUST be administered by the prescribing allergist.

Please expect the initial allergy shot consultation at Student Health Services to take more than 1 hour:

  • 15-minute consultation with a Provider (MD or NP-Nurse Practitioner)
  • 30-minute appointment with an RN during which time the shot(s) will be given
  • Minimum of 30-minute waiting period before RN discharge
  • Please Note: All patients must present an unexpired epi-pen (or equivalent) at each injection appointment. No injections will be given without an epi-pen (or equivalent) present.
  • The nursing staff reserves the right to refuse to administer the allergy injection for any reason (e.g. if the patient does not have an epi-pen (or equivalent) with them, if a previous significant reaction has occurred, if the orders are unclear, if the patient refuses to wait the specified time after injection).

Routine allergy injections will be given Monday-Friday 9:00am-11:30 am and 1:30-3:00 pm.

Injections will be given by a member of the nursing staff only when a physician is present in the CofC SHS clinic.

A member of the nursing staff will check for reactions after the required waiting time.

Individuals who are experiencing reactions either local or otherwise must notify the nursing staff immediately.

Individuals who receive an allergy injection and leave the clinic before the required 30-minute observation period and/or leave before being verbally discharged by a nurse, will be dropped from the program.

Participants are responsible for ensuring the safe delivery of their serums to Student Health Services. Those wishing to have their serums mailed to another location will be responsible for making those shipping arrangements.

In the event of inclement weather evacuations, Student Health Services cannot be responsible for possible power outages and an interruption in serum refrigeration. Students are advised to pick up their serums prior to evacuation.

Those wishing to have their allergy serums mailed to Student Health Services for storage should use the following address:

Student’s Name
c/o Student Health Services 
College of Charleston
181 Calhoun St.
Charleston, SC  29424