Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Only a  small percentage of College of Charleston students on stimulant medication for ADHD receive their medication from the physicians working at Student Health Services (SHS). Every day the physicians at SHS are busy providing a full range of medical care matched to the needs of all our students. For this reason we limit the number of students receiving care for ADHD. Currently we grant priority and focus our ADHD care on providing treatment to those students who are already utilizing academic accommodation for ADHD through the Center for Disability Services SNAP program (Students Needing Access Parity). More information on this program is available online at the Center for Disability Services or

For more information on ADHD care at the College of Charleston Student Health Services see the links below:

Other options are to continue care with hometown physicians or establish care with local Charleston physicians.

List of Psychologists / Physicians  - printable pdf's