Campus Resources

LGBTQ+ resources and educational opportunities are available on campus for transgender and gender non-conforming students at the College of Charleston.

 At the College of Charleston, we work to create an inclusive campus culture offering support services to help LGBTQ+ students with individual needs.

Transgender and Non-binary Student Support Services


Changing Your Name or Pronoun on Your Medical Records

The College of Charleston recognizes that many of its members use first names other than their legal names to identify themselves. At Student Health Services, we want to make sure you are identified correctly when you are seen for a visit. The campus has begun a phased implementation of a Preferred First Name process. A preferred first name is a name that one would commonly use that is different from the legal first name. Other than cases where legal name is required, this is the name that will be used whenever possible in the course of College of Charleston business and education. More information about a name change request can be found at:

Non-Medical University Records

 We use the information provided by for your name and gender.  If you change your name and pronoun with Student Health Services, this will only affect your medical records in the clinic.  This change will not affect your other university records.  

Gynecological Services

We offer a full spectrum of gynecological care at Student Health Services.  If you have a specific question or need for special accommodations, please call 843-953-5520 and ask to leave a message with the nursing staff.  One of our expertly trained nurses will return your call and work with you to specifically answer your questions.