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Travel Consultation Service

Student Health Services provides travel consultation services to

  • eligible students, groups and accompanying faculty members traveling abroad
  • group leaders will arrange sessions for Student Health Services staff to attend.

Travel Consultation Services available to Students, Student Groups, Accompanying Faculty

Sessions include but are not limited to information regarding

  • Immunizations
  • Medical prophylaxis
  • Health risks and prevention strategies

Sources of information come from such sources as

  • The CDC  (Centers for Disease Control)
  • WHO  (World Health Organization)
  • Travax EnCompass - a subscription service used by Student Health Services
  • Other sources of current travel health recommendations 

Immunizations are required for foreign travelTravel consultation services will be provided by SHS nurse practitioners and physicians (MD/NP). Immunizations required for foreign travel are administered at SHS by registered nurses and  stored per manufacturers’ instructions. There will be fees charged for these immunizations. 
Travel Related Vaccinations

Student Health Services also works closely with the Center for  International Education
to schedule sessions with groups. Individuals traveling independently are encouraged
to schedule a travel consultation visit at least 2 months prior to travel.

Some students and faculty may opt to receive travel services from an outside provider.
The travel consultation services offered are completely optional.
For questions or concerns please e-mail





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