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Please also remember the following 10 important tips to avoid the flu:

  1. Get vaccinated.
    1. You can come to SHS to request it at any time
    2. Come to the vaccination clinic at SHS next week or
    3. Go to any nearby pharmacy (take your insurance information if you go to a pharmacy)
    4. Get plenty or rest, fluids and good nutrition
    5. Wash your hands often, especially if you have been out and about touching common surfaces as well as before eating and after using the bathroom.
    6. Wipe down hard surfaces with cleaners that kill viruses (such a Clorox wipes)
    7. Try not to touch your face, as the nose, eyes and mouth are all portals of entry for lots of infections including the flu virus
    8. Make an appointment online after 9pm for the following day (25-30 appointments open up at 9pm). If those are full, come by SHS or call at 8:30 because another 25-30 appointments open up for the same day. If you wait for later in the morning, SHS appointments are often full for that day only.
    9. If you experience body aches, fever over 101, cough, congestion and sore throat, you may have the flu. Isolate yourself from others and come to Student Health Services within 48 hours of symptom onset to see if antiviral medication is right for you
    10. If possible, avoid sick people, especially if they are coughing or have a fever
    11. If a close contact in your environment (roommate, suitemate, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend) has been diagnosed with the flu, call one of the wonderful nurses at SHS to see is starting antiviral medication is right for you.
    12. Did I mention getting vaccinated? See number 1

Be careful out there, and call us if we can help!

Bridget M. McLernon Sykes, MSN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC
Director - Student Health Services
College of Charleston
181 Calhoun Street
Charleston, SC 29424