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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Only a  small percentage of College of Charleston students on stimulant medication for ADHD receive their medication from the physicians working at SHS. Every day the physicians at SHS are busy providing a full range of medical care matched to the needs of all our students. For this reason we limit the number of students receiving care for ADHD. Currently we grant priority and focus our ADHD care on providing treatment to those students who are already utilizing academic accommodation for ADHD through the Center for Disability Services SNAP program (Students Needing Access Parity). More information on this program is available online at the Center for Disability Services or

Other options are to continue care with hometown physicians or establish care with local Charleston physicians.

Student Health Services Information and Student Agreement- printable pdf's

Psychologists / Physicians / Psychiatrists - printable pdf's

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Students who desire to receive care for ADHD at SHS should start by obtaining the following documentation.

Follow the following steps and submit the required documents to SHS for review.

  1. A copy of formal psychological testing performed by a licensed psychologist. We prefer the testing was performed within the past three years. This testing must support a diagnosis of ADHD. In some instances we may accept a letter addressed to one of our physicians from a psychiatrist detailing the ADD/ADHD diagnosis and treatment. This letter should include a comment that all current psychiatric conditions are controlled and that the treating psychiatrist feels that it would be appropriate for this student to be followed by a primary care physician.
    See above - List of Testing Psychologists / Diagnostic Services for Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder.
  2.  If a student has been on or is currently on medication for ADHD, a summary letter or medical records from the treating physician outlining ADHD care should be supplied to us for review. Student Health Services Fax 843.953.6377 Attention: John Inman MD
  3. Physicians providing ADHD care at SHS are focused on and give priority to students enrolled in the SNAP program operated by the Center for Disability Services. If you are receiving SNAP services please provide SHS a copy of your approval letter for SNAP services. A copy of the approval letter is adequate.  We do not need a copy of a “Professor Notification letter.”
  4. A student should review and sign our Agreement  Form (see Student ADD/ADHD Agreement Form listed above)  to make sure our care model fits with the student’s needs. 

After obtaining all the above documentaion,  contact SHS at 843.953.5520 to arrange to submit this documentation which supports the diagnosis of ADHD. Submitted information is reviewed by a member of the medical staff prior to arrangement of a first appointment for ADHD care. The reviewing SHS physician is looking to the documentation to determine whether we will initiate or assume medication management of a student.

Upon receiving the above documentation, the reviewing physician will determine if SHS will be able to follow you for your ADHD care. You will be contacted. In some instances where students have complicating and coexisting medical or psychological conditions, we may decide that your care is beyond our scope of our practice and we may recommend that you seek care elsewhere.

We have a list of physicians who treat ADHD

  • See above our Family Medicine Physicians Providing ADHD Care (pdf)
  • See above our Psychiatrists Providing ADHD Care in the Charleston, S.C. area. (pdf)
  • Our nurses are available to assist you in arranging an appointment.

For more information, contact Student Health Services at 843.953.5520.
Fax: 843.953.6377

Mail to:

College of Charleston
Student Health Service
181 Calhoun Street
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