Hometown Physician

Most students with ADHD continue to receive their medication from their hometown physician. Frequently these doctors have longstanding relationships with the student and his or her family and are comfortable continuing to provide ADHD care to student patients who are away at college. Typically the physician will have a procedure to supply the prescriptions for a student’s medications while the student is away at college provided that the patient continues to follow up with the prescribing physician for rechecks. Often, follow up appointments will be scheduled during visits home over long weekends, at seasonal breaks and the break between semesters. Discuss the options, possibilities and protocols for this continued care with your current physician prior to your move to the College of Charleston.

If your physician is located in a state other than South Carolina, the out of state prescriptions for controlled substances such as Ritalin or Adderall will not be filled on an ongoing basis by a pharmacy in South Carolina because of South Carolina controlled substances pharmacy rules. Often this reality forces a parent to pick up a prescription from the doctor’s office, fill it at the hometown pharmacy, and then bring or ship the medications to the student in Charleston. This process needs to be carefully considered by all those who will be involved. Some physicians, especially some pediatricians who focus on the care of younger patients, will not be comfortable continuing care of older college bound patients who will be away from home. This is a major reason we recommend student patients discuss ADHD and other medical care options with their current physician prior to leaving for college.