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Ebola Advisory

 College of Charleston officials and the medical staff are monitoring the Ebola situation in West Africa very carefully. If you are returning from this region and have any questions or concerns kindly call Student Health Services to speak with a member of the professional staff. Please contact the CDC  at  Centers for Disease Control web for more information.

The four countries in Africa where the Ebola outbreak is active have a combined population of approximately 188,000,000. The countries are Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Data from the first week of August indicates 1,603 cases of Ebola in this current outbreak. Some health organizations suggest a 50% under reporting which put the possible Ebola case count in the low thousands.

Although a very scary and deadly illness, the prevalence of the Ebola disease in these countries is about 0.0021%. This is based on a higher 4000 current case estimate in a four country population of approximately 188,000,000.

The virus is ONLY transmitted from close contact with actively sick individuals through direct contact. It has no ability to spread through the air. The Ebola virus, therefore has very limited ability to spread itself to other people.

The countries affected are taking county by county action to limit the spread of Ebola by limiting the movement of ill people within the countries. African officials have also implemented monitoring for illness in those people leaving the countries with Ebola cases.

We have consulted with the Center for International Education and are aware of no students, staff or faculty currently in those four countries who would be coming back to Charleston. The current estimated risk to College of Charleston students, faculty and staff is minuscule to zero. 



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Student Health Services is staffed by physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants,and registered nurses.
Hours:    8:30 am to 5:00 pm,  Monday through Friday.
Location: 181 Calhoun Street
Phone:  843.953.5520.



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